Are decor trends important? Are decor trends important?

I am interested in following the latest  trends in interior design.   I need to know these things to have relevant discussions with clients ...

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11:24 AM

A little red year round A little red year round

Red  is a great accent colour anytime, but it seems to be even more inviting at Christmas.  All it takes is the merest hint to bring a room ...

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2:06 PM

Wrap it up Wrap it up

Trying to be earth friendly is an ongoing battle especially at Christmas.   I hate the fact that all the pretty gift wrap ends up in the lan...

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9:19 AM

Christmas, Christmas, Christmas Christmas, Christmas, Christmas

I love repetition as a statement and it is a powerful vehicle for impact  in art and design.  As you get ready for the coming season perhaps...

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12:52 PM