A must have vase A must have vase

I'm in love with the Boblen  vase my new  neighbour gave me. Although we do not know each other well, she could not have chosen a more f...

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12:16 PM

10  simple accent trees for Christmas 10 simple accent trees for Christmas

.  There is definitely a "simpler Christmas" trend in the last several years. Simple is good and clean and when you add green to t...

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10:38 AM

The value of objects The value of objects

Every home is filled with furniture and objects, but they are not valued equally by homeowners. Personal preferences and history play a part...

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4:38 PM

Celebrate ordinary things Celebrate ordinary things

 It is not necessary to spend huge amounts of money to accessorize your home.  Much of what you need is probably in another room or in the n...

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2:16 PM

Embrace space Embrace space

  I had a refreshing conversation with a client/friend recently about  reordering  and supplementing her space to make it more peaceful and ...

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12:32 PM