Holiday colours Holiday colours

Are you a person who sees certain colour combinations which  immediately evoke holiday connections, e.g.,red and green, orange and black, ye...

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4:35 AM

Mirror, mirror Mirror, mirror

I keep a list of ideas for possible post topics and near the top is an exploration of mirrors in home decor.  Well, that's one post I wo...

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5:01 AM

Thursday Tip #6- simple centerpieces Thursday Tip #6- simple centerpieces

Keep it simple... Dinner parties can stress the budget.  I like to have simple arrangements for the table and that usually involves fresh fl...

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12:12 PM

It's all about scale It's all about scale

  In recent weeks I've spent quite a bit of time looking for coffee and end tables for clients.  Getting the style and size right to wor...

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6:29 PM

At Home: An ocean getaway At Home: An ocean getaway

As a child I often imagined how a house would look on the inside as I drove or walked about the town where I lived.  I'm assuming I'...

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10:11 AM

Thursday Tip #5- Use geometry Thursday Tip #5- Use geometry

Houzz Most  furniture  is predominantly rectangular.  When you're adding accents it's good to include circular shapes to play agains...

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3:45 AM

Seen through a window Seen through a window

Travelling allows you to broaden your horizons in many ways.  You get to experience different cultures, climates, foods and transportation s...

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5:34 AM

Paint it blue Paint it blue

While I was in the UK recently I was struck by the number of blue doors I saw.  Where I live  I have a difficult time convincing someone to ...

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2:37 PM

Thursday Tip #4- Layering accessories Thursday Tip #4- Layering accessories

Laura Martin Bovard What do you have in your house that your friends don't have? What personal touches make your house into a home?  Acc...

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5:34 AM