What a coat of paint can do! What a coat of paint can do!

I love eclectic pieces of furniture rather than matched when I decorate my own home. Sometimes I paint these finds and other times  I strip ...

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5:43 AM

Small details, big impact Small details, big impact

There are so many ways to create impact in a space.  Sometimes impact is created by  subtle additions of  colour, textures, or forms  or fea...

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3:20 PM

 In praise of circles In praise of circles

What is the most used shape in home decor?  It's the rectangle of course! Tables, sofas, beds, dressers, area rugs etc;  even the shape ...

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5:34 PM

Can you mix metal finishes? Can you mix metal finishes?

I love reader questions because they give  me a writing focus a post.  So here goes... Can you mix metals in your finishes?  The answer is a...

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6:15 PM