Choosing great  end  tables Choosing great end tables

It requires a lot of patience to find the perfect end tables for a room. These tables are  part of your overall room design and you should f...

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6:28 PM

Where do I put my bed? Where do I put my bed?

 Some  bedrooms are so small that you have no option other than placing the bed in front of a window. Even in large rooms sometimes putting ...

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4:49 AM

Thursday tip # 9 - small rooms Thursday tip # 9 - small rooms

Hugh Jefferson Randolph Architects There are many options when one has to decorate a small room.  These ideas are built on the principle of...

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4:34 AM

5 ways to use a screen 5 ways to use a screen

I'm surprised I don't see more screens used in decorating because they are very versatile and there are so many styles to choose. Ha...

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12:14 PM

Inspiration snaps Inspiration snaps

When I travel my camera is always with me because I don't want to miss any inspirational moments for art or design.  I thought my reader...

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8:23 AM

Thursday Tip # 8 -  make it white Thursday Tip # 8 - make it white

Coastal Living There is something so soothing about a monochromatic colour scheme.  I have friends who would say boring not soothing. but to...

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12:02 PM

Subtle adjustments Subtle adjustments

Small changes can create large impact in design; sometimes the changes are not so large, but there's an improvement.  Either way move ar...

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3:31 AM

What's your kitchen style? What's your kitchen style?

I like my kitchens clean lined, and light  with lots of storage.  Medium to dark wood tones  make me fell heavy and closed in.  It's a ...

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5:20 AM

Thursday Tip #7- Editing a bookcase Thursday Tip #7- Editing a bookcase

Control your bookcase If you're like me this is easier said than done.  I don't like a bookcase to look too edited, but grouping obj...

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7:40 PM