Dressing problem windows - 1 Dressing problem windows - 1

Not every window is perfectly sized  or perfectly placed, and when they aren't  it can be a challenge to decide on window treatments. Th...

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12:19 PM

Displaying family photographs-2 Displaying family photographs-2

Continuing with ideas for displaying family photographs... Use a photo ledge Alexander Johnson Photography     Roger Hirsch Architect I lik...

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Displaying family photographs - 1 Displaying family photographs - 1

We all have them, they keep increasing in number and often seem to get out of control. We could just keep them on the computer or in a box ,...

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Decorating a dining table-2 Decorating a dining table-2

Perk up your dining room table by making centerpieces  using  everyday materials from flowers to sand.  You are only limited by your imagina...

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Decorating a dining table - 1 Decorating a dining table - 1

  I like questions from my readers because they help me focus on topics that  will actually help someone solve a problem.   This post is for...

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