Design trends for the new year Design trends for the new year

This time of year many design blogs and magazines present trend forecasts for the coming year.  They are interesting to read, but one has to...

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5:29 AM

Should I follow  colour trends? Should I follow colour trends?

Do you plan to change your colour scheme in the new year? source Have you been  looking for a colour scheme you won't see in every other...

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12:06 PM

The magic colour The magic colour

Is there a magic colour that solves a lot of problems when developing a colour scheme?  Read on.  White furniture provides  relief from vibr...

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7:18 AM

Season's Greetings Season's Greetings

Breathe (2004) 10 x 30 acrylic, paper on canvas Margaret Ryall Merry Christmas  and  Happy New Year from  my house to yours

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4:48 AM

Yellow colour schemes Yellow colour schemes

Bright or soft?  Pure, bright yellow is a very visually demanding colour which is difficlult to ignore- in other words, a little goes a long...

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4:52 PM

Purple Love Purple Love

Purple is a colour that inspires passionate reactions. You either love it  or hate it.  In my case,  I love it.  I'm always surprised by...

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9:39 AM

Design Tip: photograph trouble spots Design Tip: photograph trouble spots

Do you want to discover trouble spots in your interior design?  Do you have a room where something seems off but you don't know what the...

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5:10 AM

Keeping it simple Keeping it simple

Gone are the days when I have every square inch of my house decorated for Christmas.  As  I grow older  I feel claustrophobic when surrounde...

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10:56 AM